Winning the fight against auto fraud: recent victories for Ontario consumers

Toronto, March 9, 2012 - Thanks to the diligent work of the Ontario Provincial Police, police forces across the province, the IBC, and cooperation across the industry, progress is being made in the fight against fraudulent claims. In early February, media outlets across Ontario were abuzz with two large insurance fraud busts: Project Whiplash and Project Enterprise. Project Whiplash saw 37 arrests made, a result of 77 accidents Police believed had been staged to claim undeserved accident benefits. More than 500 charges against five men have been laid as a result of Project Enterprise: claims of unsafe and stolen cars being fused together and resold through various Toronto body shops including Downtown Collision, Car Care Centre and Prestige Collision.


What is insurance fraud?


Insurance fraud affects each and every Canadian who holds an insurance policy. This type of fraud comes in many forms, and is estimated to cost insurance companies and Canadians billions of dollars each year. Both opportunistic frauds, when a legitimate claim is exaggerated, and deliberate fraud, such as staged accident or falsification of benefit forms, end up costing you. When fraudsters cheat the system, it is policyholders who pay.


"The Dominion is working tirelessly to combat auto fraud in Ontario,” says Senior Vice President of Claims, Nora Hohman. “From George Cooke's leadership role on the Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force, to our extensive training of adjusters, we are committed to working alongside government, regulators, and partners in the industry to end abuses of the system. I encourage any The Dominion policyholders with questions or suspicions of fraud to contact their adjuster immediately.” A fierce advocate for consumer interests, The Dominion is committed to ensuring policyholders are educated and see the system as working best for them.


March: Fraud Prevention Month

Across Canada, March is recognized as Fraud Prevention Month. To bring awareness to the issues of fraud in the insurance industry, and how these issues affect consumers, the IBC has launched a new section on their micro site If you know of or suspect of insurance fraud, report it to the IBC: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 1-877-IBC-TIPS. 


How can you protect yourself?


Fraudulent claims activity is on the rise in Canada, but it can be stopped. The Dominion is working to help consumers put an end to fraud by outlining some of the steps they can take to avoid it. Knowing where to tow a vehicle after a crash, knowing what to sign/what not to sign, or who to call to ensure the claim is in the right hands from the start  is critical information that every consumer should have in the palm of their hand. The Dominion’s Mobile App, available on all three Smartphone platforms, provides just that.

For more information on auto fraud in Ontario, visit the Ministry of Finance website. Consumer information is also available on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website. 


Every Friday in March, the IBC invites Canadians to join the conversation about auto fraud. Log on to Twitter and use the hashtags #FraudFightingFriday or #FraudPreventionMonth.

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For more information about The Dominion's anti-auto fraud initiatives, contact:

Shelagh Paul

Vice President, Corporate Communications

The Dominion



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