Slave Lake Residents: Wildfire Claims Assistance

SLAVE LAKE, May 17, 2011

The Dominion Claims team has made Slave Lake damages our top priority this week.  As one of the first insurers on the scene in the aftermath of the May 15 Wildfires, we are extremely focused on assisting our policyholders in the area by beginning to assess and facilitate required repairs.

What if I can't stay in my home?

After the fires, your home may not be habitable. We will pay for the increased costs of temporary lodging, for covered losses, until you are able to return.

Reporting Your Claim

Your independent insurance broker should be your first point of contact. Your broker is your advocate and will guide you through the claims process.

You may also contact The Dominion directly at any time. Click here for our contact information.

What can I expect after reporting a claim?

An adjuster will call you within 4 business hours of receiving your claim. This is one of the most ambitious contact guidelines in the industry. You can expect an efficient, knowledgeable and empathetic representative who will keep you informed and lead you through the claims process. 

For residents in surrounding areas, we have outlined below some basic steps that you should take to help protect yourself, your family and your home.

Take Precautionary Measures

  • Make a list of personal belongings in each room. Consider taking photograhs or videotape to keep with the list. Click here to get started by downloading our Contents Valuation Form.
  • Pay careful attention to media advisories and be prepared to evacuate if instructed by offcials.
  • Prepare a fire emergency kit in the case of sudden evacuation. Include fire blankets, water, warm clothes, first aid kits, and important documents. Your insurance policy information should be included in this kit.

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