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Insurance information in the palm of your hand.  We’re here for you.  Know what to do in an insurance emergency on the road or in your home.  Download The Dominion’s trusted, easy to understand guidance that will help mitigate preventable damage - or worse, avoidable injury.

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The Dominion will not charge any fees in addition to your service plan to access our app.  Additional service fees may be charged by your service provider.  Check with your service or hardware provider if you have questions about your specific device.

What is a Broker Code?

Your broker code is provided by your broker and located in your 2012 policy documents. When you enter your broker code, this app automatically inputs all your broker contact information. For more information on your broker code please contact your Independent Insurance Broker.

What does ‘The Dominion’s Recommended Repair Vendor’ mean?

The Dominion's Recommended Repair Vendors are selected after a thorough inspection and screening; our policyholders have consistently found them to be professional and friendly. Our Recommended Repair Facilities are as committed to service as they are to high-quality repair work. While we respect your preference in choosing a facility to repair your property or vehicle, if you select one of our Recommended Repair Facilities, a single estimate is all we will need to determine repairs.

Can I submit a claim using The Dominion’s mobile app?

We believe the claims process starts best with personal interaction.  Although The Dominion’s mobile app doesn’t not allow you to submit a claim,  it will help you contact the necessary people after the accident and provide a place for you to record and email all necessary information in order to make the claims process easier.  From there, you are able to email this information to yourself - making it easier to continue the claims process at home. Worried about insurance fraud?  Be sure to start in the right hands – from the palm of your own.

Where do I get my policy number, coverage information and deductible?

The Dominion’s mobile app stores all your policy information so that you have it handy when you need it.  To confirm your policy number, current coverage and deductibles - please refer to your policy documents or contact your Independent Insurance Broker.




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